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Chandrika's Notes
Chandrika's Notes


  • Christmas with Chandrika

    Christmas for Chandrika, like all other business owners, is planned months in advance.  Time during this period becomes elastic and instead of weeks, Christmas feels a second away...

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  • A Day In The Life Of Chandrika Thomas

    It is often questioned, what goes through Chandrika Thomas’ mind when one is so busy. How does she manage to operate her luxury business and raise...

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  • How To Make Your Perfume Last

    It is very common for the average customer to apply their fragrance wrong. Here, learn all of Chandrika Thomas' secrets to smelling wonderful all day long.

  • Lifestyle image of Marrakesh

    The Backstory of Marrakesh 

    Chandrika’s travels are always monumental in contributing to her inspiration for her fragrances. Her sought after perfume, ‘Marrakesh’ arose from a memorable trip she went on to celebrate her friend’s...

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  • The Chandrika Thomas Story

      “Good business leaders drive their dream into reality, develop that reality into perfection, and share that perfection with the world.” ...

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