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Loyalty Programme Start Date and Transaction Acknowledgment Policy

Effective Date: 10th August 2023


Welcome to our Loyalty Programme, an expression of our gratitude to our esteemed customers. This policy outlines the official commencement date of the loyalty programme and the guidelines for acknowledging transactions within the programme.

Start Date:

The Loyalty Programme will officially launch on 9th August 2023. All transactions that occur on or after this date will be recognised within our Loyalty Programme.

Transaction Acknowledgement:

Transactions taking place on or after 9th August 2023 will be acknowledged within our Loyalty Programme. This includes eligible purchases, services, and interactions per programme guidelines.

Qualifying Transactions:

Qualifying transactions are those that meet the predefined criteria set out in our programme guidelines. These criteria may include specific products or services, minimum purchase amounts, or other relevant conditions. Customers can refer to our programme documentation for detailed information on qualifying transactions.

Programme Registration:

Participation in the Loyalty Programme is by registration. Customers interested in enjoying the programme's benefits must complete the registration process as outlined in our programme documentation.

Programme Updates:

We retain the right to update and modify the terms of the Loyalty Programme as necessary. Any such updates will be communicated through official channels to keep customers well-informed about changes that may affect their programme participation.

Contact Information:

For inquiries, clarifications, or further information about the Loyalty Programme, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at info@chandrikathomas.co.uk.


  • Luxe Essentials (Tier 1): For customers in Tier 1, the inactivity period beyond the common grace period will be 12 months.
  • Elite Ambassadors (Tier 2): For customers in Tier 2, the inactivity period beyond the common grace period will be 12 months.
  • Prestige Connoisseurs (Tier 3): For customers in Tier 3, the inactivity period beyond the common grace period will be 12 months.
  • Royal Patrons (Tier 4): For customers in Tier 4, the inactivity period beyond the common grace period will be 15 months.
  • Supreme Elegance (Tier 5): For customers in Tier 5, the inactivity period beyond the common grace period will be 15 months.

Notification: Before the inactivity period is about to expire (approximately 11 months after the last activity), the customer will receive a friendly email notification. The email will remind them of their membership status and the exclusive benefits they can enjoy by remaining active in the loyalty program.

Grace Period: Following the inactivity period, a grace period of 3 months will be provided to customers with inactive accounts. During this time, the customer's loyalty points and tier status will be retained, and they will have the opportunity to re-engage with the brand without losing any accumulated rewards or tier progress.

Reactivation Campaign: During the grace period, the customer will receive a series of targeted reactivation emails. These emails will include special promotions, limited-time rewards, and personalized incentives to encourage them to make a purchase or engage with your brand again.

Tier Downgrade: If the customer remains inactive beyond the grace period, their tier status will be gradually downgraded to a lower tier that aligns with their current points balance. However, they will retain all earned points.

Point Retention: Points accumulated during the active period will remain in the customer's account even during inactivity. These points can be used for rewards and benefits once the customer becomes active again.

Re-qualification for Higher Tiers: If an inactive customer re-engages and accrues enough points to qualify for a higher tier, they will regain access to the corresponding rewards and benefits associated with that tier.

Points Expiration Exception: Points earned during the active period will not expire due to inactivity as long as the customer remains a member of the loyalty program.

Termination: If a customer remains inactive after the grace period and their points balance is below the threshold for the lowest tier, their loyalty account may be terminated. In such cases, the customer will be informed via email.


Minimum Purchase Requirement:

To qualify for referral rewards, the referred customer must make a minimum purchase of £99 on their first order.

Points Allocation:

The referrer and the referred customer will receive points upon successfully completing the referred customer's qualifying purchase.

Single-Use Referral Codes:

Each referrer will receive a unique, single-use referral code. This code can be shared with friends or family members and can only be used once by a new customer.

Referral Limits:

Each customer can refer up to five new customers per calendar month. This limit ensures that customers do not excessively refer others for small purchases.

Referral Validation Period:

Referral points will be credited to both the referrer and the referred customer after the referred customer's purchase is completed, and any applicable return or refund period has passed. The validation period is typically within 30 days.

New Customer Requirement:

Referrals are limited to new customers who have never made a purchase from the Chandrika Thomas London website before. Referrals for existing customers or repeat orders will not qualify for referral rewards.



Customers participating in the referral program must adhere to ethical communication practices. They should refrain from spamming, misrepresenting the referral program, or engaging in any deceptive practices to gain referrals.

Monitor Referral Activity:

Chandrika Thomas London will regularly monitor the referral program's performance to ensure compliance with the rules and guidelines. Any suspicious or abusive referral activity will be investigated, and appropriate actions will be taken, including the possible disqualification from the program.

Program Modification:

Chandrika Thomas London reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be communicated to customers via email or on the website.

Discretionary Decisions:

In cases where there are discrepancies or disputes, Chandrika Thomas London's decision will be final and binding.