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Chandrika is a British-Asian woman born and raised in London, the visionary behind the emerging brand Chandrika Thomas London, a luxury brand making waves by redefining the concept of luxury with its exquisite collection of fragrances. In addition to being an entrepreneur, she is a wife to a teacher and a mother to three boys. With over three decades of dedicated leadership, Chandrika is ready to share her extraordinary journey and inspire individuals worldwide.

Chandrika Thomas

As a British-Asian woman, Chandrika has faced her fair share of challenges, battling stereotypes, discrimination, and limited opportunities due to her ethnicity. In addition, she faced an extra layer of obstacles stemming from her neurodivergent conditions, living with severe dyslexia and ADHD. At a young age,  Chandrika wanted to be a fashion designer. But, her mother told her that because she was a woman and an Asian, she would not make it in the fashion industry. However, she is resilient, and right there and then, she decided to forge her own path in life. Embracing her unique strengths as a woman of colour with a creative mind and solid visual thinking skills, she nurtured an unwavering belief in herself and her extraordinary abilities.

Chandrika's entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 18 when she received a marketing grant from the Prince's Trust. This opportunity allowed her to establish herself as a prominent figure in the field of wedding dress couture. With meticulous attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship, Chandrika and her team created bespoke wedding dresses that perfectly reflected each bride's unique style and personality. Her designs became synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and a deep understanding of each bride's vision. Chandrika's collection of wedding dresses swiftly gained popularity and was sold extensively throughout the United Kingdom, establishing a strong presence in the industry.

Despite the massive success of her previous business and being advised by people around her against her decision, Chandrika made the courageous choice to transition from wedding dress couture to the world of perfumery. With a deep desire to weave together the world of luxury and nature, she established Chandrika Thomas London. Even some high-profile people were surprised by her decision, but she didn't look back and went on. Undeterred by the scepticism, Chandrika remained steadfast in her belief that scent could be an art form capable of evoking emotions and capturing the essence of nature's beauty. 

Following her departure from the bridal business, Chandrika quietly dedicated years to building her new brand away from the clamour of the media and public eye. Now, after the successful launch of her brand and a decade of steadfastly safeguarding its integrity,  she is ready to unveil her remarkable story to the world, eager to share the transformative narrative behind her brand's growth and success.

Chandrika Thomas

Her brand celebrates the splendours of the natural world. Nature had always provided solace to Chandrika during her challenging upbringing, and she was determined to capture the authentic aromas of our planet's treasures and transform them into exquisite fragrances while preserving the environment. Embarking on a personal exploration of different countries and the diverse landscapes of the UK, Chandrika drew inspiration from her travel experiences, infusing her perfumes with the essence of the world's natural wonders and cultures.

Chandrika and her luxury perfume brand, Chandrika Thomas London, indeed present an empowering and inspirational message to the world. As a British-Asian woman, a mother, a wife, and someone with neurodivergent conditions, Chandrika defies stereotypes. She demonstrates that personal characteristics should not be seen as limitations but as sources of strength and unique perspectives. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and passion in overcoming challenges and achieving your dreams. 

Through her brand, Chandrika aspires to transcend boundaries, sharing her message of diversity and resilience with people across the globe. She advocates for recognising that individuals, especially women of colour, should not be defined or confined by ethnicity, inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness so they, too, can forge extraordinary paths while positively impacting the world.