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In an era driven by environmental consciousness, the luxury landscape has witnessed a remarkable transformation. Discerning individuals with a passion for both opulence and eco-friendliness now seek extraordinary experiences that align with their values. 

Amidst this evolving paradigm, our brand stands as a shining example, seamlessly weaving together the worlds of luxury and sustainability. Discover the way we are reshaping the boundaries of eco-consciousness and refined indulgence by crafting extraordinary fragrances.




At Chandrika Thomas London, our commitment to excellence extends to the highest standards of quality and ethics. We take pride in crafting fragrances derived from fine botanicals sourced ethically. We collaborate closely with trusted partners who share our dedication to sustainable principles, ensuring transparency and responsible sourcing throughout our supply chain. Our ingredients, including oils sourced with certificates, are carefully selected to avoid endangered species and preserve biodiversity.

We believe that using pure botanical ingredients captures the essence of nature's fragrant treasures. Thoughtfully incorporating synthetics allows us to control allergens and create safe and accessible fragrances.

Through our conscientious sourcing practices and meticulous craftsmanship, we strive to redefine the boundaries of



In our efforts to reduce plastic usage, we have taken major steps to become 95% plastic-free. One such measure is the removal of lamination from our front labels, reducing the reliance on plastic materials. While this may result in labels that are easier to scratch, it is a trade-off we gladly make in order to prioritise our planet. We have also eliminated plastic from our lids, opting for sustainable alternatives that align with our environmental-friendly values. 

Drawing on Chandrika's background as a former wedding dressmaker and pattern cutter, She is well aware of the importance of utilising dyes and cutters efficiently to minimise waste. We strive to make use of every available resource, ensuring little to no wastage. Excess papers and our fragrance sticks, for instance, are repurposed as stuffing for our packaging, embodying our commitment to recycling and minimising our carbon footprint.

All of our boxes are carefully handmade, Chandrika personally oversees every detail of the box-making process, ensuring high-quality and luxurious design. Supported by a skilled team, we source materials locally within the UK, thereby supporting local businesses and providing income opportunities for others. This commitment to local sourcing not only benefits the community but also guarantees exceptional handmade boxes. What sets our boxes apart is not only Chandrika's craftsmanship but also their recyclability, allowing our clients to repurpose them for various uses, such as elegant jewellery boxes, showcasing the truly luxurious and versatile design they possess.

Additionally, we are proud to share that we have embraced innovative printing methods for our shipping labels. Instead of using traditional ink, we utilise heat to imprint the necessary information on our labels. This forward-thinking approach not only eliminates the need for ink cartridges, it also reduces waste.

These conscious choices reflect our dedication to preserving the environment while still delivering a luxurious and sophisticated experience to our customers.



We take great pride in the longevity and reliability of our production equipment. Utilising the same tooling, dye-cut machine, and foiling plate for the past decade fills us with joy and pride, as it speaks to their exceptional reliability and durability. Through proper storage and consistent use, we ensure precise craftsmanship and maintain the highest standards of quality. This showcases our dedication to eco-friendly practices by minimising waste and maximising efficiency.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have embarked on a new mission to explore possibilities for our fragrance bottles to be refillable. We understand the significance of reducing single-use packaging and waste in the beauty business. Our team is doing extensive research and developing innovative solutions that strike a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

We recognise that refillable packaging necessitates careful consideration of design, materials, and logistics in order to provide our clients with a seamless and satisfying experience. Through this new mission, we aspire to redefine the norms of luxury perfume packaging and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

With each step we take, we are guided by the powerful conviction that we can create an elevated experience for our customers while reducing our ecological footprint. By choosing to support our vision, you are making a significant impact and contributing to a world where beauty and responsibility coexist in perfect harmony.

As we move forward, let us continue to champion the values of luxury and sustainability, fostering a mindset that inspires positive change. Together, we have the power to make a difference and shape a future that cherishes the elegance of luxury and the preservation of our precious planet.