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How To Make Your Perfume Last

It is very common for the average customer to apply their fragrance wrong. Here, learn all of Chandrika Thomas' secrets to smelling wonderful all day long.
The Chandrika Thomas Rulebook to Smelling Fabulous. 
Rule No1:  Make sure you apply your signature scent right after your shower.
- Moisture grants scent something to grasp on to, and due to the steam from your shower, your clean pores will be ready to soak up the fragrance. However, one should never spritz whilst the skin is wet or it will just come off once you dry yourself. 
Rule No2:  Take some time to moisturise before applying your luxury scent. 
- Moisturising is key to the longevity of any perfume, especially for those with dryer skin. This will help your skin absorb the scent whilst also protecting it from any irritation. 
Rule No3:  Spritz on your pulse points
- One generates the most heat at their pulse points, as they are located where the arteries are the closest to the skin's surface. Heat can help intensify your fragrance, and pulse points can be found at your wrists, behind your ears, your chest, neck and midriff. 
Rule No4:  Incorporate your fragrance into your hair routine
- Hair holds scent for far longer than skin does, so spritzing a small amount of product onto your hairbrush can infuse it with an outstanding aroma that sticks all day long. Remember to do this on freshly washed hair so that it's natural oils will not affect the scent. 
Rule No5:  (Most exciting rule!) Match your shower gel and body lotion to your luxury Chandrika Thomas fragrance.
- We are very excited to announce, that we are releasing a beautiful range of shower gels and body lotions, as well as hand washes and and hand creams. You can now pair up your products and ensure our luxurious scent to stick from morning to evening! Soon to come at the beginning of November. 
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