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A Day In The Life Of Chandrika Thomas

It is often questioned, what goes through Chandrika Thomas’ mind when one is so busy. How does she manage to operate her luxury business and raise a family synchronously? Well, a good routine has been principle to the smooth running of Chandrika Thomas London. Alongside being a distinguished brand owner, she also juggles her bustling family life, and here she tells us how she gets it all done. 
“ Right now, we’re on the go, and have been been since June, from having exhibited at the Hampton Court Flower Show, to curating new oils and perfecting our blends. Lively, is a synonym for Chandrika Thomas London. 
I get up early in the morning, and I could be fresh at 4am if I wanted. I like the peacefulness of early mornings while it’s still quiet and dark outside, with the birds chittering as natures alarm for me. I like to plan my day early, so that I am never behind on anything, I would hate to feel rushed and unorganised, as it would slow the running of my business altogether for me. By the the time I get round to doing my yoga, I know exactly how my day should pan out and where I should be. Yoga prepares me for the day ahead, and in particular Vinyāsa yoga. Vinyāsa is an approach to yoga in which you move from one pose directly into the next, which mirrors the sequence of my day! I believe this clears my mind and makes me both physically and mentally stronger, this being the best prep for a busy day ahead. I then sift through production for this month, as well as revisiting projects such as my new tea range, enamel bracelets and shibori silk scarves (soon to come). My mornings consist of smelling, tasting, feeling, designing…. And zoom meetings! 
My family then come down for breakfast before school, and I check homework and school bags, as well as hopping in the car for the school run. Ollie, the family pup, often joins us and sits on my son’s lap. I then do some reading with him (my son not the dog!) whilst waiting for school to start and make my way to Kew, after dropping him off. 
My boutique in Kew is my second home and a lovely location for my creativity to flourish. Once in my boutique, Ollie reclines on his special pillow whilst I look at orders and work with my marketing team, again looking over the production of my company. For lunch, I may go to the Kew Inn or pop into Gails and get an almond croissant or a tasty salad. Ollie and I will then go to the local park or walk by the river, which I would say is very therapeutic for the both of us. However, sometimes I will go to Kew Gardens to explore and get inspiration, as well as clearing my mind with the lush greenery surrounding me. I like my own company when being here, as my ideas are born in Kew, and I have the space to develop my dreams into reality. Once arriving back to my boutique, I am busier than ever doing more admin as well as designing and creating for my brand. I always spray my fragrance on me before zoom meetings, because I believe that wearing perfume is not just to enjoy it, but is also a mindset. I feel undressed if I am not wearing it! However, when it comes to actually developing the scents, I opt out of wearing a fragrance, so that my pallet is clear and I can focus on creating totally new blends. Whilst all that is happening I continue sipping my range of teas and checking that everything is completed to perfection. 
I try to be home by 5pm, so that I can support my son with his homework or watch his sporting activities such as rowing or swimming. I always make dinner for my family, my favourite is a tajine because it is so quick. Even if it is quick, it is always creative! We will always sit together as a family, with Ollie looking longingly at our delicious food from under the table. After that, I will either practise Yin Yoga or have an Ayurveda Treatment; which is a deep tissue massage and helps me to unwind after a long day. I find myself watching whatever seasonal lifestyle programme is on, like Monty Don. I love him! I normally always drift off to sleep around 11pm, so that I can be fresh and ready for the next day. "
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