Christmas with Chandrika

Christmas for Chandrika, like all other business owners, is planned months in advance.  Time during this period becomes elastic and instead of weeks, Christmas feels a second away due to all that needs to be planned.  The many Christmas shows she attends means being ultra-organised so she has to restrain herself from getting too excited.  Often exhausted by the number of shows that have taken priority, the numerous plans and preparations for home are left until the last minute.  Deciding that her family should not come off second-best, this year Chandrika has booked in a very early ‘decoration home’ day for the 25th & 26th of October, knowing that if she doesn’t do it then, it won’t happen until Christmas Eve. 

But the shows do offer a great opportunity for her to catch up with other exhibitors and give her a chance to wander around and discover what her colleagues are selling; perhaps buy some new tableware for Christmas day or gifts for friends.  At the end of each frantic day, she might have cheeky drink behind the stand with other exhibitors, which is a great time to catch up and have a chat.  Although it’s an intense time of year business-wise, the sensory delights of the twinkling lights, decorations and the smoky scents of Christmas candles can’t help but evoke a sense of happiness and celebration.  She loves the festive season, the revelling in joy and the sense of people moving to the cheerful rhythm of Christmas.  It’s a time for having music playing in the background, while cooking a tasty meal for her family, taking in both the comforting smells of the food and the ambience of the music.   

This year is slightly different.  The last couple of years have been tough for everyone and with Christmas cancelled last year, she has decided to allow herself to bask in the Christmas spirit, have fun and enjoy the season.  Getting tasks ticked off her list gives her a triumphant sense of accomplishment.  She has designed the decoration of her boutique window which is to be adorned with an elegant display of silk flowers, and then will supervise a photographic shoot of her gorgeous dog Ollie dressed in baubles and his special leather bow.  After the dust has settled and the shows are finished, she will host a special pre-Christmas dinner for her friends and co-workers to say a big thank you for their help and support over the last twelve months.  Her creative processes don’t stop however, and after Christmas day, she will redirect her focus on her exciting projects for 2022. 

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