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The Backstory of Marrakesh 

Chandrika’s travels are always monumental in contributing to her inspiration for her fragrances. Her sought after perfume, ‘Marrakesh’ arose from a memorable trip she went on to celebrate her friend’s 40th birthday. Being such an important milestone, the holiday destination of Marrakesh promised a world of new experiences and inspiration for Chandrika’s ever growing business. On this magical trip, nine years ago, Chandrika was unknowing to the popularity her scent Marrakesh would acquire. 
This story began at the luxury hotel, Sofitel, where Chandrika was first welcomed into Marrakesh. Floating down the foyer, she felt as she were in a dream, the light musk of orange blossom shrouded over the floor in clouds that seemed as if they had descended from the heavens. This experience was not limited to only smell, as she listened to the synchronised pouring of the fragrant tea that was offered to them, and in this moment Chandrika knew she had entered into a world of decadence and luxury, as well as the rich culture she had yet to immerse herself in. 
Marrakesh, the scent, has many intricate layers to peel back and explore, just as Marrakesh, the destination has. So many aspects of Chandrika’s experience in this vibrant region have been carefully translated into this scent, including the flirtatious notes of jasmine from the abundant jasmine trees inhabiting Marrakesh.
This scent has the ability to transport one back to the desert floors of Marrakesh, awash with golden sunlight. It’s inviting colours and liveliness emerging from the buzzing souks and the humming sounds of life are due to the carnival atmosphere Marrakesh offers.
Some may experience the potent and sophisticated notes of patchouli and let the decadence of Marrakesh reign over them, however others may realise the healing tones of this fragrance with the lighter and brighter scents of orange blossom and hyacinth playing with their senses. 
Hopefully, through this scent others can experience Chandrika’s travels and the beauty of Marrakesh. If you have not yet discovered our best selling fragrance, you can purchase our samples and transport yourself to the exotic Marrakesh yourself.  
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