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Chandrika's Notes


The Woman Behind Chandrika Thomas London

Chandrika Thomas London is a high-end perfume brand that has thrived in the industry for a decade. Our core mission has always been to deliver to our customers the utmost luxurious products. Our perfumes and diffusers are known for their exceptional quality, uniqueness, and long-lasting appeal. These attributes are all thanks to Chandrika's dedication and outstanding artistry.

Maintaining this excellent craftsmanship and continuously refining our product offerings and fragrances has always been our top priority. Chandrika's tireless efforts and constant search for innovative ways to provide even more luxurious options to our clientele are truly amazing.


Chandrika Thomas


I recently had the privilege of interviewing Chandrika, and I'm excited to share her insights in this blog. Please keep reading to delve into Chandrika's thoughts, plans, and the rich stories behind Chandrika Thomas London.


Interviewer: What inspired you to create your Luxury Perfume Brand, and what is the brand's unique vision and mission?

Chandrika: "I've always loved fragrances; it's one of my favourite senses. As a child, I was interested in all kinds of smells. I remember smelling various flowers, each with its unique and delightful aroma. I enjoyed being among the hedgerows, brushing the leaves, and savouring the different scents they released as I inhaled the air. I noticed the variations in the smell of the seasons and throughout the day, from morning to night. Even with foods, I love smelling different dishes, from raw to cooked, herbs to spices. My memories are entwined with scents. Fragrances, for me, are a joy and reminder of my experiences.

When I was a couture wedding dress designer, I had a range of candles that I blended, so it was only natural for me to design fine perfumes. Accustomed to crafting high-quality couture gowns, I applied the same level of exceptional craftsmanship to infuse high-quality fragrances into every bottle.

As a luxury perfume brand, our mission and vision are to redefine the world of fragrances through continuous innovation, aiming to deliver an exquisite olfactory experience with perfumes of the highest quality, closest to natural botanicals, sustainable, accessible, and uniquely luxurious."


Interviewer: How do you ensure your luxury perfumes' exceptional quality and longevity?

Chandrika: "The secret to our fragrances' exceptional quality and longevity is a combination of science and high-quality ingredients, along with how we layer these ingredients from top to middle to base. It's a lengthy process of going back and forth until we achieve the perfect blend."


Interviewer: Can you share the story behind one of your most iconic or best-selling fragrances?

Chandrika: "Our most-loved fragrance, "Marrakesh," is inspired by the vibrant city itself, Marrakesh. This scent came to life during a memorable trip to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday. It all started at the luxurious Sofitel Hotel, where Marrakesh captivated me visually and through scent. As I strolled through the hotel's lobby, I felt like I had entered a dream. The delicate aroma of orange blossoms filled the air like a heavenly mist, mingling with the scents of jasmine and floral blossoms. The city's rich culture and lively atmosphere inspired me to create a fragrance that embodies its opulence and vibrancy."


Interviewer: Could you discuss any sustainable or environmentally friendly practices your brand follows in perfume production?

Chandrika: "We're dedicated to being eco-friendly, ensuring that every aspect of our brand aligns with sustainability. We collaborate with sustainability-focused partners who share our vision. We make sure our ingredients, including oils, are sourced with certificates. We've kept our tools and machinery for over a decade. To reduce plastic use, we've even removed plastic lamination from our labels and phased out the plastic in our lids, and we are now 94% plastic-free. We have been making our boxes for over ten years, and each box is high-quality yet 100% recyclable.

Fragrance Infused Replica

We actively work on reducing wastage, recycling, and eliminating plastic usage. It is our mission, and we never stop innovating and striving to minimise our environmental footprint because it's deeply ingrained in our brand. You can read the details here if you'd like to learn more about our sustainability efforts."


Interviewer: What does it mean for your brand to be considered a 'niche' perfume brand, and how does this influence your approach to fragrance creation?

Chandrika: "Being a niche perfume brand means being exclusive. Although choosing to have a controlled distribution limits the exposure of our brand, by doing so, we are able to keep the high-quality level of our perfumes. And knowing that we offer a luxurious experience to our clientele through our fine fragrances gives me great satisfaction."


Interviewer: What challenges and successes have you experienced in the competitive luxury perfume industry?

Chandrika: "Our biggest challenge was reaching a larger audience and encouraging customers to try my perfumes. However, I've always believed that some people are looking for something more exclusive and high-quality. I found out about the events where discerning customers interested in trying luxury brands like mine were visiting. Through our consistent presence at these events, our brand gradually became known and loved by many.

In my mind's eye, I have never competed with other bigger brands. Instead, I've carved out my own unique niche. Like everything else I've accomplished in my life, I want to emphasise that nothing has been a matter of luck. I've worked diligently for every achievement and always believed that nothing is unattainable with the right amount of effort, dedication, and love. I knew the business needed time and effort, so I trusted the process and gave my heart and soul to the brand, and it all paid off.

At Chandrika Thomas London, we don't see ourselves in competition with anyone. Our goal is to provide people with what they truly desire: a sense of luxury, long-lasting and unique fragrances."


Interviewer: How do you envision the future of your Luxury Perfume Brand, and what upcoming releases or developments can customers look forward to?

Chandrika: "I envision my brand expanding to offer a range of lifestyle products, such as lotions, creams, candles, and silk scarves, that we've been developing for years. Additionally, we have teas coming out soon.

By the end of this month, we will launch our first fragrance leaf, a hanging diffuser designed to be hung in rooms and cupboards. It will come beautifully packaged in a card, offering a simple yet luxurious option and is a perfect gift."


Interviewer: What message do you have for those who appreciate and wish to explore our luxury fragrances?

Chandrika: "For those looking to try luxury perfumes, I invite you to treat yourself and experience our fragrances. Our perfumes are captivating, high-quality, unique, and long-lasting. You can purchase our Full Discovery Perfume Samples to try all our exquisite scents. I recommend spraying each one individually and taking time to live with them to discover your signature scent. 


Chandrika Thomas


"To my dear clients, I can't thank you enough for all the support and love you've given me and my brand. Your stories and experiences are wonderful and genuinely precious to me. Building a brand takes a village, and I've built this brand with all of you. Chandrika Thomas London isn't just mine; it also belongs to my family, which includes all of you, my valued clients. When you speak about it as if it's also yours, it truly touches my heart. I appreciate and will always treasure your support and never forget all the kindness and encouragement you provide."


My interview with Chandrika gave me a deeper understanding of our brand, Chandrika Thomas London. We have more to share in the future, and we hope for your continued support by reading our blogs and Chandrika's Notes. To stay updated and learn more, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also subscribe to receive the latest news and blog posts about Chandrika Thomas London.

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