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 “Good business leaders drive their dream into reality, develop that reality into perfection, and share that perfection with the world.”

 Chandrika Thomas 

The Chandrika Thomas Story

This is true of Chandrika Thomas, the founder and CEO of Chandrika Thomas London, the best kept secret of London's perfume scene and high society.

 From an early age, Chandrika had always wanted to develop and run her own business, she knew she had to stray away from a conventional pathway due to her dyslexia, thus deciding she would work for herself. This then spurred her on to learn everything she could about the business world, as well as letting her creativity flourish. This led to the development of an idea for a business that, unbeknownst to her would become globally synonymous  with luxury and elegance. Today, when people hear Chandrika Thomas London, they think of premium quality fragrances and luxury lifestyle collections.

The Birth of Chandrika Thomas London

It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that Chandrika Thomas London was established with the help of the Princes Trust. Chandrika’s goal of owning and operating her own business came to fruition.  Starting off at eighteen as a haute couture wedding dress designer, Chandrika’s skill in pattern cutting and design lent her the ability to curate a team of seamstresses who had previously worked for names as big as Vivienne Westwood and Zandra Rhodes.

However, being the driven woman she is, she wasn’t content with being just a business owner. Chandrika worked day and night to grow her business and make Chandrika Thomas a household name. In recent years, the business has transformed and Chandrika has focused on perfecting the art of perfumery with her sought after range of fragrances. Now, with her business flourishing, Chandrika has set new goals for herself and company. She is working on collections to add to her inventory including, luxury candles, teas and, silk and cashmere scarves. As one of the leading retailers of luxury brand in London, Chandrika Thomas is poised for national success as her luxury range is enjoyed up and down the country.

 To learn more about choosing your signature fragrance, contact Chandrika Thomas London today and shop our wide range of premium fragrances.

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