Celebrate Christmas with Chandrika Thomas London

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Chandrika's Notes


Celebrate Christmas with Chandrika Thomas London

Chandrika Thomas London, has been spreading love for nearly a decade, especially during the Christmas season. Our fragrances consistently infuse a luxurious touch into the festive atmosphere, and Chandrika takes joy in sharing this touch of opulence with our clients.

This season, Chandrika and our team have prepared special treats for our dear clientele. New gift sets have been meticulously curated to make the experience with our fragrances even more exciting. The offerings include sets of perfumes, diffusers, and a delightful mix of both. These gift sets will fully immerse you in the enchanting world of our fragrances. Whether you are planning to gift yourself or your loved ones, we are confident that you will find the right gift sets for what you are looking for. 


Here's a glimpse of the captivating gift sets we have prepared for you:



The Perfect Gift!



Introducing our Mini Perfume Sets! Choose from a delightful trio or a set of five, each featuring 15ml bottles in individual boxes or an exquisite large box. The small bottles can be a perfect stocking filler or can be gifted to your loved ones. It's the ultimate way to share the magic of our opulent fragrances, making it the best choice for gifts. 




Luxury Diffusers

Our exquisite diffusers make for the perfect Christmas gift or a delightful way to welcome the new year. To add an extra touch of elegance, we're upgrading all the diffusers to an exquisite large gift box and bags. Create a luxurious ambience in your own home or someone else's.




Luxury Perfumes

Our perfumes are known for their luxurious scents and the amazing experience they offer. As it has always been, when you buy a full-size perfume, we also throw in a complimentary 15ml perfume to sweeten the deal. Plus, our products come in beautifully crafted packaging for that extra touch of elegance.




While we strive to make our fragrances available online at all times, we must inform you that online orders will be cut off on the 20th of December due to Royal Mail's delivery schedule. Rest assured, you still have time to place your orders online and stock up on your favourite scents before the deadline. Moreover, in the spirit of this festive season, we have something special prepared for you.




This Christmas marks a particularly exciting and special occasion as, for the first time, we will be opening the doors of our boutique to the public. Unlike the usual operation of the boutique, which is strictly by appointment, Chandrika has decided to welcome everyone on a few selected days. This decision is fueled by the massive love and support that we have consistently received. It's a unique opportunity to experience the enchanting world of our fragrances in person.

Ever since the opening of the boutique, it has been by appointment only. If you've ever wondered why, keep on reading.

The reason for it is different from what you might expect. For three decades, Chandrika has been in the business, managing a total of four boutiques and one art deco studio, each succeeding the other. All have been on an appointment basis only. Back when Chandrika was a wedding couture dress designer, she managed her boutique with her staff. Even though they are not her biological family, Chandrika has always felt that they are her family, and the boutique is their home. When clients visit her boutique, it is like visiting Chandrika's home. They welcome clients with a collection of teas and a warm smile. This is how she works and it is not easy for her to change the way she welcomes her clientele. 

Just as she welcomed her brides, she now extends the same inviting environment and experience to our clientele. Chandrika Thomas London’s boutique is not just a boutique; it is a destination where you will be welcomed with a collection of teas and an exquisite ambience, and you will experience the most opulent fragrance experience you will ever have. Chandrika will personally guide you through our collection of exquisite scents, sharing the intricate notes and captivating stories behind each fragrance. When you visit Chandrika at her boutique, you will have a glimpse of her world, where she designs, plans, and develops, and you will meet Ollie, her four-legged friend.



Despite her slight shyness around people in her own boutique, she genuinely enjoys meeting clients. This Christmas season, Chandrika extends a warm invitation to visit her boutique in Kew during December. While spontaneous selling may not be her cup of tea, Chandrika is eager to share the enchanting experience of her destination boutique with clients.


Check the specific opening dates below, and join us for a delightful encounter with opulent fragrances.

  • 16th and 17th of December from 9 am to 2 pm
  • 23rd and 24th of December from 9 am to 2 pm


Chandrika and our team are grateful for your ongoing support and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our boutique. 

As Chandrika puts it, "Chandrika Thomas London doesn't belong to me; it belongs to our clients." We're delighted that you've chosen to make our fragrances a part of your daily ritual, especially during Christmas and as you welcome the new year ahead. Here's to more years of enjoying exquisite fragrances together! Cheers!

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