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A Fragrant Celebration for Valentine's Day

On every 14th of February, we commemorate Valentine's Day as an exclusive occasion dedicated to expressing love and affection. It's a day when couples worldwide exchange gifts and share love. In our modern era, Valentine's Day is not limited to romantic couples, it can be celebrated with anyone you love, including friends and family. It is an occasion that has a global footprint with diverse traditions. In Japan, for instance, women present chocolates to men on Valentine's Day, reciprocated with chocolate gifts from men on March 14th, known as White Day. 

Over time, Valentine's Day has evolved into a major commercial holiday, witnessing billions spent on cards, flowers, candy, jewellery, and gifts annually. It stands as the second most significant greeting holiday following Christmas. On this note, we are excited to guide you in selecting the most fragrant and romantic gifts, helping you choose the perfect gift and create the ideal ambience for Valentine's Day. 

Valentines Day at Chandrika Thomas London

At Chandrika Thomas London, we firmly believe that fragrance is a compelling storyteller. Our exquisite collection, ranging from enchanting perfumes to captivating diffusers, is meticulously crafted to enhance every romantic encounter and artfully convey the unique narrative of your love.

Whether you're on the quest for an ideal present to express your affection or aiming to enhance your personal romantic journey, I offer you my suggestions for exceptional fragrances.

Persian Rose

A romantic dance between lush pear orchards and timeless rose gardens. Designed for Valentine's, it marries decadence with subtlety, enveloping you in a sweet embrace of ripe pears and alluring roses. Elevate your Valentine's Day celebration with this symphony of roses, a perfect expression of passion and elegance that lingers in the heart and soul.

Persian Rose Perfume

Rose Orange Blossom & Cardamom

Indulge in the allure of our enchanting Rose, Orange Blossom & Cardamom Perfume, a perfect ode to love and romance. With each spritz, be transported to a realm where blooming roses delicately embrace you, and the sweet caress of orange blossoms creates an atmosphere of tenderness. Capturing the very essence of love and making it an ideal accompaniment for your Valentine's Day celebration.

Rose Orange Blossom & CardamomMarrakesh

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey with each spritz of this captivating perfume, a perfect fit for Valentine's. It's the perfect fragrance to set a romantic and magical ambience for your Valentine's celebration. Renowned as our best seller and a head-turning perfume, it promises to be the ideal and memorable gift for your loved one.

Marrakesh Perfume

For a scent that exudes timeless masculinity, our exquisite scents for men are designed to complement the discerning taste of the modern gentleman. Below are my recommendations: 

Assam Tea & Cardamom

The blend of fine Assam tea and exotic cardamom creates an aromatic masterpiece that is both refreshing and invigorating. Perfect for the modern gentleman, this fragrance is an embodiment of the timeless beauty of a global metropolis. Gift the man in your life an experience that transcends boundaries, a scent that mirrors his cosmopolitan taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Assam Tea & Cardamom

Cocoa Bean & Juniper Berry

For the man who appreciates the beauty of nature and seeks a fragrance that resonates with earthy warmth, Cocoa Bean & Juniper Berry is the perfect gift. Let him carry the serenity of the forest wherever he goes.

Cocoa Bean & Juniper Berry Perfume

Grapefruit Lavender & Sage

It's a symphony of sweetness and exotic allure that captivates the senses, creating an unforgettable, lingering impression. Ideal for the man who appreciates the finer subtleties of life, this fragrance is a perfect blend of sophistication and tranquillity. Gift him an experience that transports him to a world of relaxation and serenity, allowing him to carry the essence of a distant paradise with him.

Grapefruit Lavender Sage Perfume

Setting The Ambience For Valentine's Day

While gifting plays a significant role in expressing affection on Valentine's Day, setting the right ambience is equally crucial, especially when celebrating at home. The right fragrance can create a romantic atmosphere, elevating your special moments. As you plan to celebrate this special day, we recognise the significance of enhancing the sensory experience. To help you create an enchanting atmosphere, we have curated a list of recommendations for the perfect scents to infuse into your space using diffusers.

Rose Oud

Transform your space into a haven of romance with the captivating aroma of our Rose Oud Diffuser. Perfect for Valentine's Day, this fragrance boasts delicate top notes of fresh roses that intricately weave with a heart featuring captivating patchouli, all anchored by the luxurious, woody base notes of cedarwood and oud. This diffuser creates an ambience that is both subtly sweet and wonderfully woody, setting the perfect tone for a romantic and intimate Valentine's Day celebration.

Rose Oud Diffuser

Oud & Patchouli

Savour Valentine's Day with the Captivating Allure of our Oud and Patchouli Diffuser, a meticulously crafted harmonious symphony designed to mesmerise and embody pure luxury. This scent delivers a sensory experience, establishing a sophisticated and enchanting ambience, and infusing a touch of refined luxury into the special day.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Marrakesh with our diffuser, a perfect indulgence for Valentine's Day. Each release invites you on a romantic sensory voyage, transforming your space into a realm where vibrant hues come alive, and light and shadow dance in a harmonious ballet. Elevate your Valentine's celebration with this magical ambience, creating the perfect setting for a romantic and memorable experience.

Marrakesh Diffuser

Gift Sets for Valentine's Day

We've carefully selected unique gift sets to encapsulate the essence of thoughtful luxury. Among our exclusive collections, we recommend two sets that capture the essence of romance and indulgence. 

Luxe Perfume & Diffuser Set

This set is a symphony of personal indulgence, seamlessly blending your signature scent with the enchanting ambience of a luxuriously crafted diffuser. It provides an ideal blend, a 100ml or 200ml diffuser to fill your space with fragrance, a 50ml or 100ml bottle of your selected perfume, and a complimentary 15ml perfume.

Priced between £158 to £255, this set is a declaration of love, a gesture that goes beyond the ordinary, making every moment memorable. Luxe Perfume & Diffuser Set

Scent Exploration Ensemble

The Scent Exploration Ensemble offers a unique and personalised approach to the art of gifting. It extends a welcoming invitation to explore and uncover the ideal fragrance together. With two enticing options, you can choose to receive a curated selection of 12 x 2ml Perfume Samples first, immersing yourselves in a world of scents. The included gift card then allows you to claim your preferred full-sized perfume at your leisure, a journey of exploration turned into a delightful adventure.

Alternatively, opt for the convenience of receiving all the perfumes together. Open a thoughtfully arranged collection, comprising 12 x 2ml Perfume Samples and your selected full-sized perfume, all packaged in one sophisticated delivery.

Priced at £218, this ensemble is an immediate plunge into the realm of captivating scents, a perfect Valentine's Day treat for those who appreciate the artistry of fragrance.

In addition to the exquisite Luxe Perfume & Diffuser Set and the captivating Scent Exploration Ensemble, our gift collection unveils a trove of options, ensuring there's a perfect match for every taste and preference.

Discover the full array of possibilities and explore our complete gift set collection here. From enchanting perfumes that tell a unique story to diffusers that transform your space into a sanctuary of romance, our offerings cater to every facet of your sensory desires.


To make your Valentine's Day even more special, we're extending a complimentary delivery service and an exclusive 10% discount on all our gift sets. Just enter the code VALENTINESDAYGIFT at checkout to avail of this exclusive offer. Hurry, as this promotion is valid until January 31, 2024.

Transform Valentine's Day into a captivating chapter within the narrative of your love story. With Chandrika Thomas London, celebrate love in its most exquisite form, where every scent is a note in the melody of your shared moments, an olfactory symphony that lingers in your hearts for years to come. May this celebration be a sensory journey, a fragrant tapestry woven with the threads of passion, elegance, and the timeless allure of love.

Join us in creating enchanting moments this Valentine's Day! Let us be a part of your special day, enhancing the magic of love with our exquisite scents.

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