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18 Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Have you ever wondered why your perfume doesn't seem to last for long? Most perfumes out there fade away after just a few hours, and I get how frustrating that can be. It might be the perfume itself or how you're putting it on. Perfume longevity refers to how long the fragrance remains noticeable on the skin after application.

There are a few factors that can influence how long a perfume lasts:


Perfumes come in different concentrations, such as Eau de Toilette (EDT), Eau de Parfum (EDP), and Perfume (or Parfum). Perfume oils with higher concentrations tend to last longer. For example, EDP typically has a higher concentration of fragrance oils compared to EDT.


The specific ingredients used in the perfume formulation can affect its longevity. Some fragrance notes are volatile and evaporate quickly, while others are longer-lasting. Base notes like woods and resins tend to linger on the skin longer than top notes like citrus or florals.

Skin Type:

Perfume longevity can vary based on individual differences in skin type and chemistry. Oily skin holds fragrances better than dry skin, as the oils can help trap and release the scent slowly over time.


How you apply the perfume can also impact its longevity. Applying it to well-moisturized skin or "pulse points" like the wrists, neck, and behind the ears can help the fragrance last longer. Additionally, not rubbing the perfume in after application can prevent breaking down the fragrance molecules.

Climate and Environment:

The weather and environment can influence how long a perfume lasts. In warmer weather, fragrances tend to evaporate more quickly, whereas cooler conditions can help the scent linger.


The quality of the perfume itself matters. Higher-quality perfumes often use better ingredients and techniques, which can contribute to better longevity.


Some people use a matching scented lotion or body wash in addition to the perfume. This layering technique can enhance the longevity of the fragrance.

Getting your perfume to hang around a bit more can save you some money and let you enjoy the lovely scent all day without having to keep reapplying. I want you to feel that confident, long-lasting aroma that stays with you, so here are 18 easy tips to make your perfume stick around and give you a better olfactory experience.

1. Opt for Quality

Begin your quest for lasting fragrance by opting for quality perfumes that stand the test of time. Eau de parfum versions often wield more staying power than their lighter counterparts.

Our perfumes have been expertly crafted for extended longevity. Should you seek my suggestions, here are my top recommendations:


Marrakesh Perfume

Allure Rose Blossom Oud

Allure Rose Blossom Oud Perfume

Cocoa Bean & Juniper Berry

Rose Orange Blossom & Cardamom

Rose Orange Blossom & Cardamom Perfume

2. Layering:

Elevate your scent experience by layering your fragrance with scented body products. Let your shower gel, lotion, and oil sing in harmony with your perfume, creating a symphony of captivating notes.

3. Embrace Moisture

Fragrance adores moisture. Enhance its endurance by applying your chosen scent on slightly damp skin or immediately after moisturizing. Watch as the scent unfolds leisurely, leaving a charismatic trail.

4. Pulse Points: 

Channel the pulse points' allure by applying perfume where your blood vessels are closest to the skin's surface. Think wrists, neck, behind ears, and inner elbows – the epicentres of enduring allure.

5. The "Spritz and Glide" Ritual

Picture a delicate dance of fragrance that envelops you like a cloud. Embrace the "spritz and glide" technique: spritz the perfume in front of you and walk through the mist. Experience an even dispersion that captivates.

6. Pre-Dress Application

Make your attire an accomplice to your fragrance voyage. Apply your perfume before dressing, allowing it to meld with your skin and create an entrancing symphony.

7. Press, Don't Rub

Transform your fragrance application into a ritual of grace. Instead of rubbing your wrists, gently press them together. Allow the scent to unveil its layers, captivating from top to base.

8. Scented Attire and Hair

Elevate your aura by adorning your clothing and hair with a gentle mist of your chosen scent. Envision the fabric and hair strands as canvases that weave your fragrant tale with every movement.

9. Stay Hydrated

Picture hydration as the elixir that sustains your scent's journey. Hydrated skin holds fragrance more effectively, becoming a canvas that showcases the fragrance's artistry.

10. Timing Matters

The rhythm of your fragrance lies in its timing. After your shower, when your skin is slightly damp, is the perfect moment to apply your perfume. This ensures a lasting embrace.

11. Build a Subtle Base

Prepare your canvas with unscented moisturizers or products that complement your fragrance. This harmonious beginning extends your scent's longevity.

12. Protect and Preserve

Envision your perfume bottles as cherished treasures. Store them away from harsh elements, preserving their essence and ensuring they maintain their magic.

13. Midday Revival

Imagine a pocket-sized revival for your scent. Solid perfumes or perfumed tissues provide a quick refresh in the midst of your day, reigniting your fragrance's allure.

14. On-the-Go Glamour

Travel-sized perfumes and rollerballs are your partners in maintaining your captivating aura on every adventure. Carry your scent wherever you go, effortlessly.

15. Techniques of Application

Experiment with unconventional application methods – brushes, combs, and fabric – to add a unique dimension to your fragrance's journey.

16. Harness the Warmth

Warmth has an intimate connection with fragrance diffusion. Apply your perfume to warm areas, letting your body's natural heat carry the scent to mesmerising heights.

17. Embrace Moderation

Less is more when it comes to perfume. Apply with a gentle hand, letting the fragrance make its mark without overwhelming.

18. Sample the Scents

Before committing to a full bottle, sample different scents to find the one that resonates. Test their longevity and discover your perfect match. Try out our Full Discovery Perfume Samples and find your perfect signature scent.

Perfume Samples

So, step confidently forward, empowered with the wisdom to make your fragrance a consistent part of your identity. Embrace the benefits of a scent that endures, letting you fully immerse yourself in every experience without worrying about its fleeting nature. With each application, you're not just applying perfume –you're crafting an enduring aura reflecting your unique essence.

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